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About CBD (Cannabidiol):

 Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid derived from Cannabis sativa, and our products are isolated from only industrial hemp. CBD is devoid of psychoactive activity, with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and chemopreventive properties. Currently, there are over 50 on-going clinical trials of CBD on wwwClinicalTrials.Gov. CBD is currently used by individuals, including military professionals, for a variety of conditions including anxiety, epilepsy, PTSD and chronic pain.

 In 2017, the DEA acknowledged that CBD sourced from industrial hemp cultivated lawfully pursuant to a State’s industrial hemp laws enacted under the 2014 US Farm Bill is legal. All products distributed by Nature’s Remedy LLC meet the federal mandate of containing less than 0.3% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because of the inherent differences, in regard to both chemistry and bioactivity, between CBD and THC, people taking CBD products should not be concerned about


Just what is nano CBD?

 Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of the things at the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular level. Nanomedicine deals with creating medical devices, imaging processes, drug delivery processes, and pharmaceutical bioviability. There is a world of scientific interest in leveraging these approaches to find and develop therapies for disease and physical conditions.

 It’s no surprise that nano has reached the world of CBD therapy and care. Still, you may wonder what’s in it for you.In the world of CBD science, nano suggests concentration, intensification, or enhanced. Nano Hemp CBD, for example, is amped up with an additional scientific step in its processing. With that amplified process, it moves faster through the body to deliver a more efficient effect.

Nano CBD is a new type of hemp isolate. The extraction process removes the terpenes to leader a purer CBD. That’s the opposite of “full-spectrum” CBD which retains the terpenes. In the manufacture of nano hemp CBD products, the process extracts oil through a CO2 process to eliminate impurities and toxins with no leave-behind chemicals. The extraction is as pure and clean as it comes. The oil can then be introduced to oils, edibles, and other hemp CBD products where they go through more filtering processes.

To create the enhanced nano CBD, we added a step to speed the delivery to the consumer’s bloodstream. We surround the CBD compounds with a coating of microscopic balls of fat. These nanoballs are liposomes built of phospholipids, the same elements you’ll find in cell membranes. 

Nano CBD is a type of isolate. This means that the terpenes were removed during the extraction process, leaving behind pure CBD. Its opposite is full-spectrum, where the terpenes are left behind.

 Full-spectrum is sometimes viewed as being better than extracted isolate because terpenes allow for the entourage effect to happen. Still, nano-enhanced hemp CBD products add strength through the emulsification that produces it.

 Emulsion soaks hemp in water or other liquids to separate its components producing an extractible oil. The traditional microemulsion divided the water and oil using a large amount of the fluid which also diluted the quality. Nano emulsion uses much less fluid leaving a more potent isolate.


What’s the upside of nonenhanced CBD?

 Those liposomes act like ball bearings slipping the CBD benefits into your blood system more quickly and potently. The researchers claim the absorption rate of CBD hemp oil’s Nano-liposomal delivery is close to 100 percent. It speeds past digestive and gastrointestinal processes to deliver its bio-availability immediately. Nothing is wasted, so it’s offered for its speedy impact. Isolating the CBD opened a whole new world of opportunities and products especially in alleviating symptoms related to pain, depression, and insomnia with a fast impact.


So, what’s your takeaway?

 Nano-enhanced CBD oil and its related products work faster making its bioavailability attractive to patients suffering from any one or combination of scores of medical and psychological conditions.It offers the same anti-anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmatic, and anti-nausea properties, but it delivers it faster.Like full-spectrum CBD, it delivers only infinitesimal traces of THC. So, it does not produce any psychoactive results and is legal in all 50 states.All of our products except for our hemp extract CBD Capsules are now Nano enhanced. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Nano CBD please feel free to reach out to us.






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